Colombian girl photographed the ghost of the famousdrug lord Pablo Escobar

Resident of the Colombian city of Medellin in the province of Antioquia
claims to have photographed the ghost of the famous drug lord
Pablo Escobar. According to Maria del Mar, she was headed for
work and passed by a long-abandoned building. By no means
glancing at him, a woman suddenly saw a translucent silhouette
men, suspiciously similar to the legendary criminal, have
which in this building just once was one of the “headquarters”.

Pablo Escobar (1949-1993) is one of the most famous
criminal geniuses of the world. At the age of 22 he became the most
influential shadow boss of Medellin, and a few years later
subdued the entire cocaine industry of Colombia, turning
in the largest supplier of this drug to the United States.
The condition of this man was so huge that once he,
without hesitation, he burned $ 2 million in the fireplace to heat
frozen daughter.

In a word, it was truly outstanding, albeit criminal,
personality, and Maria del Mar is convinced that the spirit of such an individual
may well materialize in our world (too, he was to
attached to it) and even be captured in the photo. When countrywoman
drug lord posted a snapshot of the alleged ghosts in the World
spider web, the image has interested many web users.
Of course, quite a few commentators said that this was just some
a lively man on the balcony, but where did he come from
abandoned high-rise building? This is what the woman told reporters – the author

Usually I do not publish anything on the Internet – this is not my hobby, but
Now something happened that really surprised me. I don’t know what and
to think I saw a man on the balcony, a bit full, with a mustache, and
immediately realized who it was. In our city there is not a single person
who would not know Pablo Escobar, who was born and raised here. To me
it seems that such people, leaving an indelible mark on history,
sometimes able to appear among us even after his death. The
more that Escobar died a violent death and his spirit could
turn out to be untamed.

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