Colonization of Venus is back on the agendaof the day

From the colonization of Venus (the planet of Love, which the medieval
astronomers called Lucifer) XX century scientists refused because
its total unsuitability for human life. However, in the last
time the colonization of the “morning star” once again stood on the agenda
of the day.

Despite the fact that the temperature on the surface of Venus
reaches 500 degrees Celsius, sunlight does not penetrate here
because of the dense sulfur clouds, and the atmosphere of this planet is completely
consists of carbon dioxide at a pressure of 93 more than
Earth, modern researchers have concluded: the colonies are still
here you can create, only you will have to build them at a height of 50

But how can you build a city at such a height? After all, even with
modern technology to build such high piles – the cleanest
water fiction. However, scientists have found a way out: on Venus
create flying cities. Two ways are offered: construction
supergiant airships or use levitation technology,
which may soon be available so that its
can be tested on Venus.

And in fact, and in another case, the colonists of this unfriendly
the planet will be a huge plus: at this height, gravity in
an artificial city will be about the same as on Earth
which cannot be said about the Moon and Mars, where thoughts are now rushing
many space explorers.

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