Colossal dark sphere near the Suncaptured a second time

In 2012, the observatory of NASA accidentally captured
amazing, just incredible phenomenon near the sun.

A colossal black appeared next to our mother star.
a sphere connected to the luminary by several equally dark
eddies or streams of energy. At some point, the mysterious ball
having dimensions of Jupiter, suddenly flew at a giant speed
to the side, leaving behind a trail of broken tentacles.
You can see this fantastic anomaly in the animation below.

The mysterious phenomenon then became a real sensation, about which
all ufologists, conspiracologists, unorthodox said
cosmologists and researchers of supernatural phenomena. However,
few people know that the exact same incomprehensible spherical object
the US space agency recorded in July this
of the year!

Alas, the presented video demonstrating so
surreal picture, until I scored on YouTube and 11 thousand
views How so? Has the world community suddenly lost
interest in this kind of riddles? Or someone is trying hard
hide the truth from us? Anyway, viewed the movie
users were very impressed by what they saw. That’s what they write
individual commentators:

I have said this before and will say it again. Man doesn’t know almost
nothing about what happens in space. I believe that there can
exist biological entities dimensions with large celestial
body. It is possible that they swim in space and feed on energy

Could it be that this dark ball is responsible for
decrease in heat generated in recent years by the sun?

The sun obviously generates dark energy. Scientists don’t see her,
although she is right under their noses.

I think we face the legendary planet Nibiru, which finally entered
into the solar system. Beware, little people, our days are numbered!

And what if this is an alien spaceship energized
The sun? Suddenly this thing is made of so heat-resistant and
materials that are incomprehensible to us (or even non-materials), that
is able to approach the sun closely?

I wonder what’s your opinion on this? For example,
many netizens are very skeptical of this
kind of “sunny” news and all for one reason – too
the “participants” of these events seem fantastic in size …

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