Colossal UFO in the sky over the United States sent downglowing balls

Although the video below was
received on February 9 of this year, it is only now
interested in many ufologists and researchers
supernatural phenomena on the web. Many experts argue
that these frames do not just amaze, but literally change
our understanding of the structure of the universe.

As for authorship, it is only known that the resident took a mysterious video
American city of Orlando, which is located in the US state of Florida.
True, the American, fortunately, left some comments to
to your video.

According to them, a man noticed in that stormy sky that day
явление: яркие glowing balls вылетали с большой скоростью из туч
and rushed down, then soared up again. Surprised
this anomaly American took out a smartphone and began to shoot
seen on camera. He did not even suspect that this was only the beginning.
incredible performance. When lightning flashed over the city,
above, a dark ellipsoidal object suddenly appeared, and
truly colossal sizes.

Ufologists hypothesize that we face the mother ship
representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, releasing into the atmosphere
small luminous drones. Perhaps these drones were studying our
the world, in particular America, or even something abducted from it. how
whatsoever, researchers of “flying saucers” and “green
people ”are convinced that this is one of the most
impressive evidence of intelligent life beyond
outside of our planet. In addition, these aliens are clearly exploring our
the planet …

Many Internet users found it surprising not only
the video itself, but also mysterious inattention to such a bright
material from ufologists – almost more than half a year: as if
they who took away his eyes from him.

It is quite possible that one of the users made the assumption that
Were interested in the aliens themselves, whose capabilities we
don’t know at all, just guessing that they are incommensurable with
ours But how much? ..

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