Compare the size of the various objects of the universe -and you will understand how insignificant all our experiences

Helen and Nikolai wrote about this in Agni Yoga (Living Ethics)
Roerich. The meaning of their statement is as follows: in comparison
with the universe all our earthly affairs, concerns, worries and sorrows
are so small that they should not even pay
Attention. And therefore each of us should always remember this and not
squander your strength on vanity
The universe is worth nothing …

The presented video shows various comparisons.
space objects starting from those that are even smaller than Earth and
ending with huge stars, say, Betelgeuse before which
even our great Sun seems like a grain of sand.

And then the author already shows the majesty of the orbits of large
stars, the scale of our Milky Way Galaxy, even more
its fantastic size a collection of several such
galaxies, Laniakey supercluster and further … up to the visible
on the background radiation of the boundaries of the universe, which is infinite – and
this divine infinity lay in the mind of man
almost impossible.

Now compare with this INFINITY of the chase of man for
values ​​of modern terrestrial civilization, remember with ironic
grin envy, betrayal, lust for power and profit, as
many other vices of our life … And if, after such a comparison, they
you will not seem insignificantly small and ridiculous, then … watch the video
think again …

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