Conspiracy: an eruption occurs on Marslarge volcano

European Space Agency has posted a fresh snapshot.
Red Planet, which instantly caught the attention of ufologists,
astronomers and conspiracy therapists.

The photo is well visible extinct (which is no longer a fact)
shield volcano Mount Arsia, located in the Martian
Farsida provinces. Amazingly, but on the time frame to make a noise
one can clearly see how a huge volcano breaks out from the mouth of a huge volcano
incredibly long and thick smoky trail!

It is known that the snapshot was taken on October 18 of the current year.
the European automated interplanetary station Mars Express,
There is no doubt about the authenticity of the image can not be.
Scientists deny the eruption of the volcano, assuring that we have only
only clouds of water and ice on the red planet.

Of course, conspiracy theories don’t believe too much.
specialists and suggest that they mislead us,
giving Mars a lifeless and empty celestial body, where not
nothing interesting happens and is comparable with the phenomena on Earth.
But in reality …

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