Conspiracy theorists have suggested that air defenseRussia was hit by a secret American device TR-3B

On the video at the very end of the article you can see the night flight.
mysterious object over St. Petersburg, the plane is very similar
on a top secret US aircraft codenamed
TR-3B Astra. And this flight is supposedly interrupted, which is why
conspiracy theorists concluded – the scout was shot down by a Russian
air defense system.

Does the United States even have such an aircraft, no one really
knows, but conspiracy therapists have started talking about him since the 90s of the past
century. During this time, accumulated a lot of evidence from different
insiders of the famous American base “Zone-51”, and then
photo and video (see the video below) about it
mysterious plane, which, by the way, to call the plane

What exactly is known about TR-3B? This is a triangular apparatus, very
similar to UFO aliens (why there is an opinion that aliens
Americans just stole the technology of such devices). By
The corners of this device is a magnetic field breaker
(MFD) filled with plasma capable of creating vortex fields
so TR-3B can fly (both fast and slow)
almost glide above the ground, silently),
instantly change the direction of flight at any speed (just like
UFO), disappear from view and more. In a word,
fantastic, not a car.

TR-3B saw hundreds of people, and most often the mysterious device
appears in the “hot spots” of the planet, but it was noticed both in the USA and in
Russia. This is how a resident describes, for example.

The mysterious triangular apparatus flew over the sea. By углам мигали
lights, flying UFO (supposedly American secret TR-3B)
completely silent, and rather slowly – did no more
60-70 kilometers per hour. Unfortunately, I did not have with me
the camera, while running after her home, the TR-3B was gone. I do not drink, do not smoke
weed, even the coffee is not really indulge, so I saw it all in good
mind and hard memory. The US military seems to have a second such
The thing called Big Black Delta is a big black delta. But that I
not even seen in the pictures …

There are many such messages on the Internet (most often in
English-language segment of the World Wide Web). But what is surprising:
when they appear, even on some god-forgotten forums or
on video hosting with a meager attendance, someone is right there
strenuously begins to troll, accusing the author of a fake, advising him
rub your eyes or fit glasses to your camera and camcorder. And one
this is already strange …

TR-3B Astra over Russia

The video considered here (at the very end) is made on
surprise not by foreigners, but by the inhabitants of St. Petersburg. what
unusual in this case?

An obviously triangular object with MFD interruptors flashing at the end,
like the TR-3B. It flies very slowly and silently. And flashing lights
begin somehow nonsynchronously, and then one and completely goes out, which is why
you can make the assumption that the apparatus is affected from the outside,
скажем, электромагнитные пушки ПВО Russia.

Some Western conspiracy therapists have suggested that this
maybe some kind of secret Russian project, but such
unlikely: why should the Russian military experience something
megalopolis, as if we have few territories for such tasks? But
the American intelligence apparatus could well fly into
the territory of Russia and then be a fiasco.

Here are just some hopes of conspiracy therapists to wait for the continuation
this story can be called naive: neither the Americans nor the more
the Russian military will never tell anything about it broad
the public. And if the Russian air defense is faced with a UFO alien –

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