Conspiracy therapists believe that globalchange for our planet

The insider site Above Top Secret once again scares its
users. However, they are here, apparently, for this and come to
�”Sip” the next portion of adrenaline. It’s like jumping from
parachute or walking on the Chinese glass bridges over the precipice.
Only everything is simpler and perfect – for free.

Now, insiders scare Americans (like other residents)
planets, who knows this resource), that they noticed a strange phenomenon:
This summer in the sky nal America completely disappeared chemtrails.

We specify that the chemtrails are called artificial formations in
the sky, which, according to conspiracy, use the US authorities (and not
only they are) in order to influence the planet’s climate (geo-engineering).
And here – chemtrails suddenly disappeared.

It is all the more surprising that in the United States there is
several sites specializing in this phenomenon. And so
Imagine that people leading similar topics on the Internet are
Summer remained “without work.” Such resources have every way
get out, sometimes giving the contrails of fighters
chemtrails: what to do, not to lose users? Owners
such sites can be understood …

Conspiracy therapies are also linked to the incredible
the heat that prevails in the world and literally kills people with bundles,
for example, in Japan. And then the “bloody moon” is approaching (27
July), solar eclipse (August 11). And to top it all
misfortune – the mysterious comet C / 2017 S3 flying to Earth (twice
more of Jupiter), which, as astronomers assure, say, Michael
Jager, will be visible in the night sky on August 16 even unarmed
by eye.

Does all this bind together somehow, very doubtfully, but
only not for conspiracy therapists who believe that the pattern
between the disappearance of the chemtrail and all other abnormal phenomena,
both natural and artificial, which we observe in
last time exists. The planet, in their opinion, has long been preparing
to the Apocalypse, and it seems that this preparation is complete (because of
Chemtrails are missing).

Watch the video below how the clouds fall to the ground – impressive
a spectacle from among all the other anomalous phenomena of recent times.
May, of course, this is not the most mysterious and quite understandable with
scientists side atmospheric anomaly, but on the other hand, how many
those that no one can explain. Or do not want ask
conspiracy? ..

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