Conspiracy therapists claim that Australia is notexists

It would seem that nothing will surprise the public after
it turned out that many people believe in the plane of the earth. However,
Recently, an equally absurd idea was born that will make you
more doubt human sanity.

Now some conspiracy therapists and other “seekers of truth”
claim that a continent and a state like Australia is not
exists. According to them, this is a kind of “smoke screen”
created by the UK and accidentally changing the world
a story.

Australia is known for its desert inland areas.
Outback, as well as unique fauna and culture. All large
Australian cities are located on the coast. Population of this
countries, according to official figures, is just over 24
million people. The continent is washed by the Indian and Pacific oceans.
But what if all this is a big lie?

As far as we know, a bizarre theory of a non-existent
Australia originated in western social media last March
years and quickly gained a huge number of supporters. AT
�”Reddit”, “Facebook” and other social networks began to appear messages
that the mighty of this world hide from us the truth about
of this state in the southern hemisphere occupying the homonymous
mainland and several islands.

The arguments of conspiracy

Conspiracy therapists write that Australia was invented in the 18th century with the aim of
повлиять на общественное мнение и выгородить ATеликобританию.
It is believed that in the period from 1788 to 1868 the British
the government sent over 162 thousand to the Australian colonies

However, proponents of a new conspiracy theory are convinced that
convicts sentenced to penal servitude, among whom were 80%
men and 20% of women were killed instead. They say
sent to a completely different place, where they simply executed.
If this is true, then we are talking about one of the most
large-scale and inventive concealment of massacres in

But what about modern Australia? Ее тоже не exists,
you ask? �”The seekers of truth” answer this question
affirmatively If you believe them, the so-called “Australians”
live on various islands in the Indian and Pacific oceans or even
somewhere in South America. And if you are thinking of flying into
�“Kangaroo country”, the airlines also participating, they say, in
such a conspiracy will take you there without fail.

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