Conspiracy therapists received another proofthe fact that the ISS is a hoax

In recent years, the theory that
International Space Station is actually
a hoax involving 14 countries, including Russia and
America Ufologists and conspiracy therapists are finding more and more indirect
evidence that there is no ISS in Earth orbit, and all
Videos shot inside and outside the station are fake. AND
one of such evidence was obtained a few days ago.

Americans Scott Tingle and Marc Vande Hey, as well as Japanese Norisige
Kanai, allegedly aboard the orbital station,
were given the other day live interviews. Experts told
viewers about life outside the Earth and about being held on the ISS
experiments. In short, it was unremarkable.
broadcast similar to that has already been a lot.
ANDнженеры, казалось, находились в состоянии невесомости, как им и
was laid.

However, when the interview came to an end, something happened
very strange. There was significant interference in the video, and that
interesting: this interference appeared only in the part of the frame where
were astronauts. Specialists in the field of video editing
considered that there was a failure in the work of the so-called chromakey.
ANDными словами, изображение американцев и японца сперва явно сняли
somewhere in the background of a green screen and then superimposed on the image
interior MKS.

However, there was a problem with the system, and the video layer with
�”Star navigators” broke into rainbow noise. Turning on
below video and squandering it to the very end, you can
see it with my own eyes. Unfortunately, any comments
NASA and other space agencies of the planet refuse to give. AND
if ufologists and conspiracy therapists are right, then a completely natural
the question is: why do the powerful of this world need to create an appearance
the existence of the ISS? Then other space missions are also in doubt.
Earth projects, for example, are not only American moon missions, but also
their exploration of mars and so on. All this is very strange and even
scary, say the Internet Network regulars interested in
space …

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