Conspiracy therapists talk about analogue of the BigHadron Collider in Antarctica

Antarctica remains a great mystery to most earthlings,
Understand that, as many believe, humanity will not be able to
soon. However, conspiracy therapists hold a slightly different point.
of this view, since they believe that the icy continent
keeps secrets only for the general public, but not for the strong
of the world, for example, the Illuminati.

Thanks to Strava’s unique fitness app today
track the movement of smartphone users via GPS (Global
Positioning Systems). So, if you follow the movement
people in the most secret places of our planet, you can be surprised
discover amazing things. For example, in Antarctica under the ice
is a mysterious structure like the Large Hadron
CERN collider, that’s just many times larger in size – and
people are scurrying around him with mobile devices (or whoever
to be?), thanks to which the conspiracy theorists “calculated” this subglacial
(or even underground) construction of the Antarctic. The thing is, how
it turned out Google’s satellite services are blocking
consider it (unlike, for example, from no less mysterious
man-made pyramids of this continent, which allows to judge about
great secrecy of this structure). At least the author
The Daily Rabbit Hole’s blog failed to do it no matter how
tried …

But if under the ice of Antarctica works gigantic
�”Microwave oven”, then the observables become clear
MIMIC anomalies that are reduced to the source of their occurrence –
the ice continent of the South Pole. Therefore, the channel of Mr. DAHBOO77,
who pays so much attention to these anomalies, may finally
pleased to inform your users – the reason for them
found. True, it almost does not give consolation. Rather, the opposite …

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