Conspirologist: aliens prevented nuclearwar between Russia and America

Famous American conspiratorologist and UFO lobbyist
Steve Bassett’s research made an amazing statement.

A supporter of numerous conspiracy theories reports that
most recently, Russia and America were preparing to turn each other into
radioactive ash, however, representatives intervened in the case
extraterrestrial civilization and prevented the third world war. On this,
in particular, indicates the fact that above the nuclear facilities of both
superpowers constantly appear “flying saucers”. Giving an interview
told reporters a researcher from the United States:

The main reason aliens arrive on Earth,
is to monitor the development of human society, and in the current
moment of one of the main tasks of the alien – disabling
atomic weapons that threaten to destroy all life
the planet. There is irrefutable evidence that aliens
doing this back in the 60s of the last century. Extraterrestrial ships
life forms just hang over nuclear depots and all rockets
are disconnected there. When American and Russian military engineers
they are trying to fix the weapon, they have nothing. It’s such
trite and at the same time such a reliable way to prevent
nuclear war. Just disarm opponents when in between
passions run high. Thus, I believe that guests from other
worlds will not allow humanity to unleash a global conflict with
using atomic weapons. Therefore, I personally sleep at night
quietly, and I wish you.

Maybe for the same reason the United States cannot unleash a war against
North Korea, which would certainly have turned into an atomic one? By the way
most recently, conspiracy therapists with might and main trumpeted that some forces
subordinate to the Illuminati, from a submarine (presumably
Chinese) launched a nuclear warhead missile at Hawaii (we
wrote about this in the article “False” alarm in Hawaii) in order to
provoke the United States to start the Third World War, now a nuclear war,
and only aliens prevented this provocation. This is supposedly
confirmed the subsequent teachings of the US military, which
launched a missile (not nuclear, training) on ​​the same Hawaii in order to
test missile defense system, but so have not managed it
knock down …

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