Cosmonaut Grechko: aliens – the secretajar!

Гречко и инопланетяне

Georgy Grechko – cosmonaut who has been in space three times and twice
who became a hero of the Soviet Union. At 81, he writes his own
memoirs and continues to search for traces, proving the existence of UFOs.
Cosmonaut Grechko: aliens have the right to exist
thanks to many interesting facts. Grechko confidently declares
the repeated landing of aliens on Earth, citing as
arguments indirect confirmation. For example, space pilot
talks about the temple of Jupiter, which is in Libya. This temple
erected on a stone podium, the weight of each of these stones is
thousand tons. Modern technology is not intended to lift such
boulders, and adaptations of ancient civilizations and even more so failed
would be up to the task. Grechko talks about the possibility of solving the secret
moving the stones, citing the fact that the answer can be found under the paw
Sphinx, that’s just not allowed to touch it. Grechko predicts
meeting with a UFO in December 2013. 23 numbers according to Grechko –
aliens will visit Earth to extend the Mayan calendar or
decide to arrange a flood, as happened in previous

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