Crawling insectoid discovered on Mars

On one of the panoramic photos taken by NASA’s rover
�Opportunity (now in hibernation mode) found
potential sensation. Ufologists viewed images taken
rover in the area of ​​the shock crater Endeavor on the plateau of Meridian, and
noticed on a random frame … a living thing.

At least, the authors of the discovery themselves say so. According to
According to them, the robot captured on the surface of the Red Planet a similar
on an insect organism moving through the sand and leaving behind
a distinct prints. The body of the insectoid, they say, is elongated and
pointed at both ends, and several paws are visible on the sides.

Many users of the World Wide Web even felt that
the supposed martian form of life is more like the earthly
lizard (by the way, lizards on the Red Planet were found before,
true, or rather, to say – in photographs of Mars).

Anyway, judging by the traces left by this object, it
moves in a straight line, periodically turning under different
corners. This is probably why the ubiquitous skeptics concluded
like we have some small stone rolling over
or sliding on the surface of the planet under the influence of the Martian
winds. However, ufologists, conspiracologists and virtual archaeologists with
skeptics disagree and call the find a real sensation.

Some experts even suggested that it was not at all alive.
being, and the rover representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. On that
Says, indicates the following: in order to make a turn,
alien device has to rotate around its axis that
clearly visible on the tracks left by him.

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