Created a robot printer for printing on the beachsand

At all times there were inventors, practitioners and inventors-eccentrics.
The latter struck the world with no less amazing inventions, here
only practical benefit from them was not enough, but because such
�“Discoveries” were more like creative imagination or even
art than on technical progress.

It is to such creative impulses can be attributed robot printer
Spanish inventor and enthusiast Ivan Miranda. This is about
invented by him mechanism capable of creating texts and drawings on
пляжном sand. The principle of operation of this robot is approximately as
the same as a matrix printer, that is, over a flat sandy
surface, as above a sheet of paper, the carriage moves (in this
case on wheels), which “prints” the specified texture in dots
or figure.

Test the robot on the beach, which you can look at
video demonstrates how the robot printer works more than exactly
and convincingly. The only thing that had to be corrected was
in some cases, to accelerate the shooting, because the device works
Ivan Miranda is too slow. However, the inventor promises
create future models with higher print speeds.

Internet users are generally concerned with the invention
Spanish enthusiast with a cool because they did not see in it
no practical use, except as a tool for
entertainment, and even then it can only afford
a rich man who, as they say, has nowhere to put money.

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