Created an engine that takes energy fromfrom nowhere?

Chinese journalists showed a report on the creation of the first
working model of the engine “EmDrive”, which allegedly violates the laws
physics and does not require fuel. According to the inventors, their
�”Fuel-free engine” will soon begin to be tested in
manned space laboratory “Tyangun-2”.

The principle of operation of this outlandish device is a combination
a magnetron that creates microwaves, and a resonator that
accumulates the energy of their vibrations. This method, as the Chinese claim
leads to the transformation of radiation into craving that is real
violation of the known laws of physics. In theory, the miracle engine
allow spacecraft to reach the edge of the solar system from
Earth in just a couple of months.

The global scientific community responded to the alleged
innovation by unanimous skepticism. So, physicist Bryce Cacenti from USA
declared that power is not capable of arising by itself, without
interaction of substances and physical bodies. It would contradict
Newton’s Third Law. According to Kasenti, humanity is not yet
capable of such fantastic breakthroughs.

Domestic scientific observer Alexander Galkin reported that
�”EmDrive” was not created for flying over enormous distances, but
for maneuvers in space, and the device simply does not have enough power to do
those miracles, which are spoken by scientists from China.

Nathan Eismont from the Russian Space Research Institute
The Russian Academy of Sciences has called the Chinese invention “gravitsapa” at all. They say
such devices can only be found in science fiction, but
not in real life.

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