Created coating-chameleon for military equipment andRussian Armed Forces

Chameleon is one of the most amazing lizards that can
change the color of your body under the color of the environment. No wonder that
This property has long been interested in the military and security forces, but so far
the scientists working in the defense industry have not succeeded
create nothing like that.

In Russia, however, successfully tested in 2016 fabric
�“Invisibility”, which is able to hide equipment and personnel from
precision weapons, but the task of covering is a chameleon capable
mimicking a constantly changing environment, and remained
not permitted.

And the other day, the head of the state corporation “Rostec” Sergey
Chemezov told TASS journalists that such material was finally
created by

Currently, we have created a chameleon helmet, which certainly
demonstrate at one of the upcoming exhibitions of military innovations,
but this is, so to speak, a trial balloon, although our company has already released
and experimental samples for masking techniques and personal
the composition of the units. This is the perfect solution to create
�”Invisible” armed forces, a real breakthrough in the decision of this

Note that the disguise of soldiers and equipment to one degree or another
has always been used, but only in our time, thanks
modern technologies for creating “transparent” and “living” materials,
she rose to the level of fiction. Let’s hope the new one
The development of Rostec scientists will save many servicemen of the Armed Forces
Russia and will serve the cause of war, and peace on our planet.

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