Created graphene armor – heavy duty andeasy

Modern bulletproof vests remain the same.
disadvantages – large severity and size. That’s why armor from
графена, easy и сверхпрочная, может сделать революцию в нише
overalls for military and security officers.

A group of researchers led by Elisa Riedo (Eliza Rideau –
Professor of the City University of New York) proposed
use to create body armor graphene, which represents
is the most durable and lightest material in the world. Graphene stronger
steel, with a fantastic lightness it is determined in the first
the fact that it is a material from crystalline
lattices of hexagonal structure – just one atom thick

However, graphene itself is very plastic, how can it save
man from a bullet? American scientists have created their material on
graphene-based – diamine, which can instantly become
as strong as diamond and as viscous as steel. This effect occurs as
times upon impact and lasts a very short time, therefore in the case
hitting a bullet – it will just be dropped, and the person protected
With such a fabric, it will not even feel anything – is this not perfect?
body armor? Easy, soft and at the same time absolutely protecting
man from any bullet.

Graphene Sandwich – Fantastic Diamine

The diamine consists of two layers of graphene on a relatively cheap
silicon carbide substrate, it looks like foil, only
does not make any metal sounds. This lining can
hem to any clothes, making it bulletproof.

The idea of ​​creating a graphene sandwich proposed by Angelo Bongiorno
(Angelo Bonno) – Assistant Professor at the University where Eliza works
Rideau. It was he who developed the computer model, on the basis of which
scientists under the leadership of Elisa Riedo in practice have created a two-layer
heavy-duty material that instantly and briefly hardens from

Так что, создан фантастический body armor? It turns out
it’s too early to rejoice in the military and security forces. The thing is
that graphene is still too expensive material, although about
that this is the material of the future, the conversation has been going on for several years.
So, on horseback, as they say, will not be the one who creates today
based on graphene amazing things (including
bulletproof clothing), and the one who will make graphene itself cheap and
easily accessible …

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