Created virtual bulk copies of neolithicballs that still perplex scientists

Today, without leaving the easy chair in front of a computer monitor,
each of us can scrupulously examine from all sides
mysterious neolithic balls (virtual copies in 3D, see
below), which still cause bewilderment in scientific circles: that
is it

These mysterious stone products in the form of shaped balls
found in Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland, on the islands
Orkney Their first samples were found more than two centuries ago, and
then they periodically came across archaeologists.

The amazing thing about these artifacts is that they are made
at the end of the Stone Age, but so skillfully that experts
shrug: how is this possible? The fact is that using only
stone tools to produce such a work of art
It is simply impossible, of course, if you do not take into account the perennial riddle for
scientists – how ancient people could have completely incomprehensible
technologies that are superior to something our current

All these ball artifacts are about the size of a baseball
ball. And it is not only their ideal form that is striking in them, incomprehensible
way perfectly treated stone surface, but also itself
the purpose of these balls. Versions about how they
used a lot, but they all look as if they
attracted by the ears. For example, that these are the oldest weights for trading
operations or devices for transporting heavy blocks and
plates in the construction of ancient monumental buildings, and so

In fact, no one really knows their true nature, the way
workmanship as an appointment. Note that the current virtual
copies of these ancient artifacts were made on the basis of stone
balls stored in the National Museum of Scotland. Striking
the fact that it turned out that when working with figured products
scientists have discovered on them new details, for example, almost indistinguishable
drawings. It is clear that the theory of their construction functions is right there
however, as well as many other versions disappears.

And the mystery of antiquity remains the same mystery. But look
you can now take a closer look at it, which is almost impossible in
the museum. Maybe at the same time and you will come up with some
an interesting thought about these stone neolithic artifacts …

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