Creature of unknown origin detectedin Vietnam

On one of the Vietnamese beaches of Kienziang province tourist
guide and photographer Doo Nam Doo discovered a mysterious sea creature
which he took on video, and therefore we can also
surprise to see this miracle.

The man was not even afraid to pull “it is not clear that” from the water in order to
better to see and capture on camera. With this monster, more
similar to some kind of living fantastic algae, moved its
tentacles, of which he had a great set.

Doo Nam Doo himself was confused and, despite living in
the locality, that is, being a native, he could not
determine what it is – a plant or animal. Eyewitnesses this
surprising findings began to give the man various tips:

Let him go faster in the sea, for example, a certain Lin advises.
Nguyen, it is unpleasant for me, and even a bit creepy to be near this

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