�”Creeping ghost” scares Tambovites, buthelps motorists

In one of the districts of Tambov, a “ghost” appeared, at first
seriously frightened the townspeople. On a broken road not far from
Krasnenskoye career unknown leg came from
human figure with the inscription “pit” on the chest. White mannequin
melancholically placed in his hands, guards now the local
garage cooperative. Surprised passersby photographed the doll, and
the pictures they posted on the Internet quickly scattered across the Russian

Tambovites called such an unusual installation “creeping
a ghost. ” What is the mannequin made of and who is its author?
not yet known. Locals, however, look at this
innovation is quite positive and it is noted that the sinister “comer
from the other world “helps them better navigate at night on
the road. Next to the doll is really a large pit,
hitting the wheel which can lead to very deplorable
effects on the car.

Many users of domestic social networks praised the creators
installations for a creative approach to solving the problem of holes on the roads,
However, they noted that they still have to deal with this issue.
employees of the city service, specifically – the road workers, and not simple
citizens. Some regulars of the Runet write that “creeping
ghost “appeared in Tambov itself and can at any time
come to life. Mystic is loved in our country. Or, on the contrary, do not like
therefore they are afraid of her …

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