Creepy creatures inhabit the water channelsBirmingham

There are many monsters in the world whose existence has not been proven.
official science. This chupacabra and snowman, and
Loch Ness monster, and many other mysterious cryptids,
minds of alternative researchers from all over
the planets. However, the most terrible creatures, perhaps, do not live in
dense forests and difficult deserts, but right at our doorsteps
with you houses. And this can not be terrified.

English writer, teacher and journalist Nick Redfern,
interested in, among other things, supernatural phenomena
Albion, recently published a very interesting article, in
which told the world about one little known British

A man writes that he was born in the city of Birmingham County
West Midlands. According to Radfern, despite the fact that
The metropolis is for the most part quite modern, in its
historical areas left many places that are practically not
have undergone changes since the Middle Ages, when Birmingham was
a small fair town in Europe.

These places include a vast and mysterious network of freshwater
channels, the “heart” of which is the bay Gas Street Beisen. If a
Believe urban legends, there are some terrible creatures in it.
One of them, for example, was observed here in 1997. Journalists
they even dubbed this cryptide a monster from Gus Street. Local
angler said that the creature was like a black eel long
about 6 meters with tiny beady eyes.

Nick himself repeatedly heard about the monsters in the system of channels in the 80s
years as a child. Now, having studied a lot of materials about
meetings with such creatures, the journalist determined that in the most
Bay monsters are not seen so often. They were mostly met at
narrow canals, some of which are located 5 kilometers away
from each other. In the end, Redfern concluded that underwater monsters are here
should not be very much, however they are, and deny this fact
quite difficult.

Случаи встречи с жутким монстром водных каналов Birmingham

Especially the Englishman highlights the story told by the staff.
locksmith company that served the channels. It happened in the summer
1988 The workers who took the lunch break, sat near
water and threw bread into it, eagerly eaten by ducks. Unexpectedly they
they saw a large, snake-like creature floating near the surface.
At first it predatoryly aimed at the ducks, but then changed
course and soon disappeared in depth.

In the same channel in 2003 found a dead 4.5-meter python
with strange wounds on tel. Someone says, what exactly snakes
gave rise to rumors of monsters in the water, but cryptozoologists are convinced
that in fact the python itself became a victim of these creatures, where
more powerful and monstrous.

Многих жителей Birmingham тревожит тот факт, что случаи
the observations of the monsters in the channels coincide in time with the mysterious
disappearances pets. Over the past 40 years gone
several hundred cats, dogs, rabbits, dwarf pigs and others
pets of local residents. Some witnesses claim that
monster from Gas Street crawls at night to the shore and every time
rushes into the water if you approach it or shine from afar
flashlight. As if it possesses not only fantastic sizes and
monstrous power, but also a well developed mind.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of citizens pass near the dark canals,
cross them over bridges, sail here in boats and go fishing, not even
suspecting that may be hiding in the depths below them. But maybe it
and for the better. The less you know the better you sleep. Also, fortunately, not
it is known not a single case that these terrible cryptoids attacked
people. For now…

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