Creepy Ghosts Photographed in Irishthe museum

В Ольстерском народном the museum транспорта, располагающемся в
Caltro, Northern Ireland, at the end of last month did two
mysterious snapshots, which supposedly imprinted on three
ghosts Remarkably, the mysterious photos were
received on October 31, on the very eve of All Saints Day.

Perhaps it is somewhat suspicious that the paranormal guests
we decided to appear on Halloween, but the fact remains:
both images show ominous silhouettes, very different
from ordinary people, just on the last day of October. Some
They considered these people from the next world to be very terrible.

In one picture you can see the old car in which you are sitting
translucent human figure with a pale face and huge
black eyes. Looking at the second image made in the dark
the museum’s hallway, you will see two inexplicable green grimaces, and
the one on the left, strangely blurred horizontally.

The authors of the photo, 45-year-old Jonathan Hanna and 36-year-old Tim Matthews,
not familiar with each other. Visiting a cultural institution on Halloween
and after taking a decent amount of photographs there, men do not even
suspected that he received the footage gets something not
amenable to rational explanation.

Ulster Folk Transport Museum was founded in 1967.
It is for certain that in this building no one ever parted.
with life. However, many local exhibits, including
old rail and tram vehicles quite
could be witnesses of human deaths and tragedies. Some
of them survived from the war. Hence, perhaps, the ghosts in

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