Creepy monster rendered to the coastTexas

What only bizarre creatures are not in the depths of the oceans!
Casual vacationer, visiting one of Texas beaches after
sensational hurricane Harvey, suddenly noticed on the sand the remains of the terrible,
at the same time amazing sea monster thrown out by the elements
To the shore.

A native of India, Preati Desati, tells us that she was truly
shocked by his unexpected discovery. According to her, she decided
walk down Texas City beach and see how
The consequences of a tropical cyclone were devastating. In
the boardwalk’s time a woman’s attention was attracted by a strange elongated object.
gray color. Desai approached him and found that it
long tailed creature without eyes and with a huge maw full
sharp teeth.

Surprised Preeti photographed dead beast and laid out
The resulting image to the social network “Twitter”, asking
site users recognize the mysterious creature. As a result, the message
American women received thousands of views and hundreds of comments, however
none of the regulars of the Internet has managed to
determine the type of sea animal.

Some users have suggested that this is a rare
varieties of acne. However, most commentators
agreed that this is a predator unknown to science that can
be dangerous for humans. Scientists do not bother themselves
comments, apparently, too, at a loss from such a gift
of nature …

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