Creepy Smiling Man Striking Horrorof americans

The United States rightfully ranks first in the world for
many urban legends, and many of these modern myths
are really scary. For example, for more than half a century
from America there are reports of the so-called Smiling
man No one knows who this creepy really is
an individual — a stranger, a ghost, or a lunatic — however, all
eyewitnesses as one ascribe to him supernatural

How a smiling man looks

Paranormal researchers have collected dozens of testimonies
the witnesses who faced this creature. Characteristic feature
This mysterious character is, in fact, his smile,
like a madman’s horrible grin. Eyes of a Smiling Man
also resemble the eyes of a maniac and express complete insanity.

The man is relatively tall, has a normal physique and
short hair. Sometimes he is noticed dressed in a black business suit.
with a tie and a white shirt, thanks to which there appeared an opinion that
this person works for special services and is related to
UFO investigations. Or even is itself a representative of extraterrestrial

Smiling man and UFO

American author John Keel wrote in his book “Strange
creatures in space and time “that the first known case
collision with a smiling man occurred in the state of new jersey in
October 1966. Two teenagers walked to meet a stranger
who rushed to them with the words that she was being chased
smiling type. The woman quickly retired, and young people did not
paid special attention to her and continued to walk, although
surprised by the behavior of the ladies.

However, when it began to get dark, they themselves saw
unpleasant stranger. He stood by the fence across the street from them and
looked off to the side. Then the man slowly turned to
schoolchildren, and on his face there was a sinister smirk. She suddenly
became wider and wider until it stretched literally from the ear
to the ear, which was completely unnatural for man. Wherein
the monster’s eyes were disproportionately large and glistening predatory
in the light of a street lamp. Teenagers, as you might guess,
compatriots followed suit and immediately sped away.

A few hours later, deep in the night, over this area arose
unidentified flying object that looked like a huge shining ball
snow white color. Some locals called the police
however, the “flying saucer” disappeared before
law enforcement officers.

About three weeks later in neighboring Pennsylvania
Another encounter occurred with the Smiling Man. Seller
a sewing machine named Woodrow Derenberger was driving home at night and his
the car suddenly stopped. In the middle of the highway was a man in business
suit with a strange smile on his face. Derenberger thought that
the man had an accident and therefore was not in himself. However,
no broken cars were nearby. Our hero suggested
give a ride to a stranger, but he grinned even harder and left
somewhere in the forest.

Smiling man in Point Pleasant

The next appearance of a mysterious man took place in
the famous town of Point Pleasant West Virginia.
A smiling man was there a couple of weeks before
locals began to notice the frightening winged creature that
nicknamed the Moth Man. December 15, 1967 collapsed here
Silver Bridge, killing 46 people.

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