Crete looks like Mars

The largest Greek island of Crete is experiencing a unique
the phenomenon of nature – it was covered by an African dust storm, and therefore
everything here has turned to some fantastic blood red
Colour. The island began to resemble more like Mars, how often do we like it
presents at the photographs of the American Aerospace Agency

According to the publication, residents of the island in most
its stay at home, closed many institutions and all schools
street visibility is almost nil. Those who still have this
time to leave the house, forced to wear masks, because breathe
on the street without this is impossible and even very dangerous to health.

Here is what the Greek meteorologist Manolis says about this

This is a very serious case for Crete, this is never
It was, personally, I do not remember such an “apocalypse.” Just think
the concentration of particulate matter in the air is now higher than normal
ninety times, this has not been recorded in Crete even once. The reason
storms became high pressure, because of what started the movement of air with
coast of Africa, and therefore warm air masses brought on
The island is this terrible red dust.

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