Crimea slowly but relentlessly swims tomainland Russia

It turned out that the peninsula of Crimea annually “swims” a little more than
three centimeters, literally coming close to
continental Russia.

This is reported by domestic scientists from the Crimean
Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Local
Employee Alexander Volvach, who is a doctor
of physical and mathematical sciences, says that because of the movement
tectonic plates of the Crimean peninsula each year sails over
32 millimeters, slowly, but relentlessly approaching the mainland

The scientist notes that modern satellite systems allow
easily predict the movement of lithospheric plates. Remains
hope that such “mobility” of the peninsula does not interfere
construction and operation of the acclaimed Crimean Bridge through
Kerch Strait, which are interested not only Ukrainians, the world
the public, but even aliens. Are the designers not
know about this amazing property of Taurida? Awesome only
for scientists, but not for builders …

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