Crimean bridge interestedaliens?

The day before yesterday, late in the evening, many residents of the eastern Crimea
Witnessed a UFO bridge circling over the Kerch bridge. Of course it
there were only strange lights in the sky, however they moved, then
disappeared, then appeared again, ran up and again approached –
very mysterious and even fascinating, as witnesses say.

On the flight path and on the signal lights such objects in
the sky, say ufologists, simply could not be either airplanes or
helicopters, much less Chinese lanterns. Of course there is still
suspicion on drones, especially these UFOs were flying practically
silently. But the launch of UAVs at night and over well
guarded by a bridge — only for a madman.

It is also surprising that the Russian military did not respond to
the appearance of these mysterious lights over the Crimean bridge. Is it possible
only in case they understood – the devices are circling above it
aliens, for example, because they are not visible on radars …

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