Crimean child, abducted by aliens, tonot found so far

As we already wrote, at the end of October a child disappeared in Crimea. Him
mother Olga Chadova claims that he was abducted by aliens
(she saw a UFO departing in the sky). And although the Investigative Committee
Russia finally accepted this fantastic version,
третьеклассник из Симферополя до not found so far.

As ufologists say with satisfaction, for the first time in the entire practice
the work of the TFR, the committee members believed in the abduction of ten
boy aliens and lead the search in this direction. That’s what
The Colonel of the SKR, VV Arkhangelsky, speaks about this:

Until December 1, we collected all the data relating to the abduction of a child.
using a UFO. It is possible that the boy’s mother, Olga Chadova,
which certainly wants to achieve justice and almost
punish the aliens is mistaken in determining who really
kidnapped a schoolboy. This may be quite a terrestrial flying machine. AT
In any case, this does not make our task any easier, although it gives
some chances for a successful search that have not yet led to
what positive results.

Recall that a ten year old boy from Simferopol came out
take a walk and when the mother followed him outside, she found
on the ground his gloves, and in the sky she saw the receding “flying
a plate. Hence the assumption that the child was kidnapped
aliens. If so, according to ufologists, the TFR is unlikely to be able to
find a boy. One hope – the aliens will return the student themselves.
However, even the fact that the Investigation Committee of Russia is working
This version speaks of some positive change in our
society. Ten years ago, a mother with her statements about UFOs at its best
they wouldn’t even listen to the case, at worst they would hide it in
nuthouse …

ATпрочем, НЛО в Крыму видят довольно часто, здесь четыре года
back even observed collisions in the sky over Simferopol two
fireballs (see video), although perhaps it was just
some kind of fusion of two alien objects, since no explosion,
no one felt or discovered the consequences of this “collision”.
However, the kidnapping of people, especially children, is for the Crimean
Peninsula is something new. Is the incident somehow related to
the accession of the Crimea to Russia, some ufologists wonder,
and especially, of course, from among the Ukrainians? ..

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