Crimean radio telescope is used for contactswith aliens?

Few people know that after Crimea joined Russia,
our country has a new object … by finding reasonable
alien life. Evpatoria center for remote space communications
It has many goals, and one of them is to
contact with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

About this center, from which 60 years ago ran the first
artificial satellite in the history of mankind, goes a lot
interesting rumors.

At the end of the 1950s, the USSR developed interplanetary
stations for the exploration of Mars and Venus. Naturally, scientists
not only advanced spacecraft were required, but also
The most effective flight control system from the Earth. Nikita
In 1959, Khrushchev told Sergey Korolev that during the year
it is necessary to build a center for remote space communications, and then
Soviet craftsmen started building the Evpatoria complex.

Top-secret radio telescope in Crimea

Nowadays, these antennas not far from the sea surprise anyone
although once the object was top-secret. Many local
residents still believe that the “plates” disperse the clouds, thanks to
what the weather is so rarely seen in the city. In fact, this
urban legend, and Evpatorians confuse cause and effect. AT
Actually, this place was chosen for the construction of the center
space communications precisely because here 250 days a year shines
the sun.

The workers of the complex still call three antennas.
�“Royal” because they were built earlier than allotted by Khrushchev
term, and at that time the radio telescope was unique. Despite
to the fact that the construction was conducted in strict secrecy,
the Americans immediately began intensive surveillance of the Soviet project,
including direct espionage. This, by the way, is devoted to
one urban legend that may even be true.

It is said that in May 1979 an ensign who was on duty at
checkpoint of the space center, decided to plunge into
the sea and temporarily entrusted the post to the soldier. There was only a hundred to the beach
meters Once there, the officer noticed a man sunbathing in
swimming trunks near the water and reading the newspaper. When the ensign is enough
bathed, went to the shore and began to dry in the sun, a stranger
I got up, asked him to look after things and also went to

Sailing from the coast, the man dived, but did not seem more
on a surface. The officer suspected that something was wrong and called for special communications
patrol boat. He went out to sea and trapped the submarine,
rapidly leaving in neutral waters. Stop it never
succeeded. ATпоследствии военные прочесали дно и обнаружили под водой
several scuba and diving suits. ATероятно, шпион
frightened that he was noticed, and hurried to escape along with

About aliens and not only about them

Since the very beginning of his work, that is, from the Soviet
time, the Evpatoria radio telescope constantly sends into space
signals intended for “green men”. Scientists not
especially hoped for an answer and not too grieved when not
got it. But this is only according to official data. Some
Ufologists claim that in 1986 the Evpatoria Center for Long-Range
space communications unexpectedly received a head-on signal from a star
Alpha Cassiopeia, however, astronomers, for some reason, decided
ignore it. Maybe the aliens told the earthlings something
too friendly?

Of course, radio telescope antennas are not just for
search for extraterrestrial life forms. With their help, our compatriots
monitor the seismic situation in the Crimea and around the world,
control orbital Russian devices, control
outer space over the Russian Federation
advanced research. In a word, Evpatoria
center of deep space communication – truly indispensable

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