Crocodile dragged crocodile charmer

In Indonesia, crocodiles often attack people and drag them away.
under the water, since it is known that alligators first drown their
the victims, and only then begin to eat them.

For this reason, there is even a whole “institution” in this country.
the shamans – the crocodile charmers, whom people turn to
Alligator attack cases. And they say that black sorcerers
order the crocodiles to return the victims, after which the reptiles allegedly
carry out this order.

That is how (turned to the sorcerer) did the residents of the district
Kutai-Kartanhegara Indonesia when the crocodile dragged off the village
Arjun’s man who had swum in the river the day before
carelessness did not notice how the predatory crept up to him

The shaman agreed to return the accident, for this he went into
river and began to conduct a special rite of spells. But something went
so, and the crocodile suddenly attacked the shaman himself, instantly dragging
him, like Arjun, under the water (see video).

Police began investigating the case and soon found the bodies.
Arjuna and the crocodile charmer just below the river. That’s how
this explains the head of the local police station Fadillah

Both victims died because they could not breathe
under water. Photos taken at the site of the discovery of corpses (I myself
did not participate in this expedition), they say that crocodiles are not
touched people’s bodies, arms and legs are intact, no serious damage
no – the unfortunate just drowned …

With Arjuna – everything is clear, his body is alligators, apparently
�“Let go” because the shaman wanted it, but why
sorcerer suffered exactly the same fate? There are more questions
than answers, for example, researchers of similar cases are still in
perplexing how crocodiles return human bodies, sometimes
even a few days later, as if reptiles were fasting for a week
waiting – and suddenly the shaman will still require a sacrifice back?

This case, according to experts of this witchcraft, and
locals confirm this is generally unique because
the crocodiles attacked the caster himself and at the same time –
�”Let go” of both bodies. The shamans of Indonesia themselves are not yet
commented on such an amazing case from the practice of spells
crocodiles …

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