Crop circles cause farmers to materialdamage

Crop circles in many parts of the world
representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are true
works of art that cause admiration and awe
unknown. Incredible figures, measured to a centimeter and
depicting complex geometric shapes, impossible to fake
manually. However, few people think about the fact that farmers who
belong to the field, seriously suffer from such activities

For example, a resident of the English community of Hannington (county
Wiltshire) Shelly Klindt was recently another casualty of space
artists using as canvases for their creativity
earthlings On the night of August 3 on the field owned by a woman
a circle with a diameter of over 60 meters suddenly appeared. It is featured on
a recent video made with the help of
quadrocopter. The farmer was truly shocked and
saddened by such a discovery. Its easy to understand: “green men”
about 8 tons of cereals were destroyed in order to portray a huge
circle with many triangles inside.

However, the enterprising farmer did not lose her and quickly found
way to make up for material loss. When about the mysterious figure
on the field told on the BBC news, to Shelley’s property
Began to hundreds of onlookers. Our heroine allows them
admire the amazing circle, but in return asks everyone
visitor to make a donation of 2 pounds.
To the curious are not trampled crops near the field is

Although in the UK such circles appear
relatively often, a giant formation on the field of mature wheat
Klundt is the first in the history of their families. In the future
Weekend farmers will harvest and striking pattern forever
will disappear.

It is noteworthy that in the UK creating crop circles
is a crime. Local law enforcement asked farmers
report similar incidents. However, no bully yet
I was not caught here for such a lesson, while the drawings on crops
continue to appear here and there, every time during the night,
foggy morning – in general, in the most deserted hours. May be,
British police should try to deal with
aliens? ..

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