Cruise ship “Symphony of the Seas” setsnew record

This real ocean giant is ready to take the first
passengers. At the most in a week, Symphony of the Seas,
which will be the largest cruise ship in the world, will travel to
his first voyage, taking on board 5.5 thousand
lucky ones. The initial flight is only 5 days,
during their “Symphony of the Seas” plans to enter the ports of Italy, France
and Spain.

Giant cruise liner built by Royal Caribbean
International. The vessel is 362 meters long, 72 meters high and
with a displacement of 228 thousand brt., can take up to 6.7 thousand
passengers and 2.2 thousand staff. On fantastic
liner 2.7 thousand comfortable cabins. The ship has 18 decks, on
which are located: 20 restaurants, 15 different pools and more
many other entertainment venues ranging from shops and
ending with movie theaters.

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