�”Curiosity” found mysterious on Marschip

NASA’s “Curiosity” rover made another unusual find on
surface of the red planet. More precisely, the rover is only
I photographed the local soil, and already conspiracy therapists on the Web discovered
on one of the pictures taken is something weird.

This is a flat, relatively flat object, suspiciously
похожем на некий металлический chip. Fragment of the original
images quickly scattered across the world wide web, chained
attention of ufologists and just curious people – forever something

The incident is notable for the following: American National
the space agency decided to comment on what happened
rather uncharacteristic for his staff
many years. True, space department scientists expected
claim that a freaky stone got into the lens of a robot camera –
and no more than that. How the Martian nature managed to get perfect
flat piece of rock, NASA refuse to explain
ignoring such nuances of the question, thereby reducing to “no” their

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