�”Cursed” masher captured onvideo

Many of us probably know about damned artifacts, as well as about
items with anomalous and mystical properties.

But have you ever heard of enchanted
mash? 43-year-old American Jennifer Bauer (pictured
below) from Detroit claims that she inherited from
grandmothers old pestle for making mashed potatoes
able to convert even the hardened materialists and

A woman says she stumbled upon an antique
potato masher accidentally disassembling things in the basement
family house. According to our heroine, picking up this item,
she immediately felt that he was unusual. Wooden product lying
among the piles of other things turned out to be very warm, although in the basement
it was cold enough. Surprised American has taken a strange
the find (as such, it seemed to her immediately) up and put it
into the cupboard. From that moment on, something began in her home.

The pestle unexpectedly began to disappear and appear in various
places at home. At first, Jennifer suspected that her just
teasing (or even scaring) boyfriend, but the latter in every way
denied his guilt. Then Bower noticed that the masher has
the property of spontaneously shaking and swinging without any
external impact on her.

Представленная ниже videoзапись, полученная женщиной 9 ноября
this year, demonstrates one of the most impressive
examples of the “revival” of the subject of kitchen utensils. On the mysterious
frames, the pestle stands vertically on the table and sways noticeably from
side to side.

One would assume that someone pushed before recording.
masher, and she fluctuates by inertia. However obviously
что video длится достаточно долго, а предмет на нем «шевелится» все
with the same intensity.

Jennifer has no plans to part with such an unusual
artifact. On the one hand, she believes that the subject with
supernatural properties can be dangerous, so bower is not
I would like to put other people at risk, but on the other hand, for the same
reason a woman refuses to throw away a find that
after all, but almost alive. And in any case – unique …

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