Cursed Snake Ring

There are many stories about damned things brought
owners of misfortune and even death. One such story tells
about a girl who did not believe in curses or witchcraft and cruel
paid for their disbelief. It all happened at the beginning.

The ring with a snake as if itself asked for the finger of a girl

It was summer when Rita first came to her aunt to the country.
She now hosted the house of the deceased parents — the grandmother’s rhin and
grandparents whom the girl never saw: many years ago her
father quarreled with them. Rita knew that they did not approve of the choice of the father,
who married a city girl. Since then, he has supported
relationship only with my sister …

The old men have already died, Aunt Nadia lived in the house only in summer,
engaged in the garden. Rita was not going to stay long in
a village where she was bored, but her father asked her to help her aunt
the garden – for it in the fall she promised to share vegetables.

Once, turning over old things in the village house, the girl found
casket with different trinkets, mostly cheap and inconspicuous.
But she was interested in one piece of jewelry – a brass ring with artful
engraved in the form of a snake. It asked for a finger on Rytin.

Aunt Nadia told the girl that this is an old ring,
passed on in their family from generation to generation and its last
wore grandmother Rita. As a rule, mother-in-law gave a wedding ring
future daughter in law. However, since Ritin’s father married against his will
parents, the tradition has been broken. The very same aunt nadia nothing
had against Rita taking the ring herself. And since graceful
the girl liked the thing, she thanked her aunt and immediately put it on
ring on the finger.

Ring with a snake, completing its task, returns to

Shortly after Rita returned home, she appeared in her life.
Oleg. She really liked this young man, and Rita wanted to
serious relationship with him. Once a girl invited her
chosen to visit and wore a family ring. Oleg noticed him immediately
and, seizing the moment, pulled off the girl’s finger and put it on his. �”I
I will return it only in return for the engagement! ”he announced gaily. Of course
Rita was happy.

However, on the day when they were going to the registrar to file
statements, Oleg did not come to the meeting. Rita waited for him for over an hour
and, frustrated, returned home. Call the guy and ask what
happened, she did not allow pride.

Only the next day, Rita learned the terrible truth: Oleg was
is dead Hurrying by car to the registrar, he became an accidental victim
gangster disassembly and died of crossfire …

During the funeral, Rita saw her ring on her lover’s hand and
asked Oleg’s mother: “This is my little ring. Can i take it on
memory? ”A heartbroken woman only silently waved her hand. Like this
the ring returned to the former owner.

Gypsy warning about the damned ring

After some time, the family received a letter from her father’s sister –
Aunt Nadi. In it, among other things, it was written: “And then the ring,
which I gave to Rita, we should throw it away. Mother, when Nikita is on
Zoe got married, said he would curse the ring better than give it
daughter in law. And if it falls into your family, the curse will go to
you. I already forgot about it, but suddenly I remembered. ”

The writing did not make any impression on Rita, and she
continued to wear an old ring. And then she had another
the fan is a very cute fellow student. Relations developed
fine, things were moving for the wedding. Quite unexpectedly young
a person became ill with leukemia, and after a few months, despite
the efforts of medicine, Volodya died.

Of course, Рита сильно горевала, но и тогда не связала происшедшую
tragedy with the damn ring, which still wore on

One day a gypsy approached her on the street and offered to tell fortunes.
The girl waved off, and then the gypsy shouted after Rita: “Throw away
copper ring with a snake! On him lies a curse! Meet the handsome
Soon, but you will not be happy! .. “

The cursed ring fulfilled the intended

With Igor, Rita met at the wedding of her friend. Tall,
dark-haired, handsome, in a chic snow-white suit, he seemed
a beautiful prince from a fairy tale. And at the sight of his “cool” car
girls and completely captured the spirit. Rita learned that Igor was a friend
groom and a successful businessman.

They began to meet. The girl was not embarrassed that her lover
was married. Igor assured that he does not love his spouse and intends
get a divorce Now he and Rita appeared everywhere together.

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