Cylindrical huge UFO flew into the mouthPopocatepetl volcano

Mexican volcano Popocatepetl is famous among ufologists in order
that near him constantly appear UFO. Moreover, they
periodically fly into the mouth of this fire-breathing monster and also
fly out of it.

Mexican ufologist Pedro Ramirez was able to capture again
On video one of such moments. This time in the mouth of the volcano
rushed just a giant cylindrical UFO (sometimes
ufologists call it cigar-shaped). That’s what he says

From a scientific point of view, to explain all this is simply impossible, but
because some materialistic researchers, even acknowledging
the authenticity of the video, just shrug or sigh – this
just impossible. Of course, the UFO flies at great speed, and
only during slow playback can you notice
жерло Popocatepetl volcano «принимает» очередного гостя.

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