Cylindrical UFO hit the camera lensprofessional photographer of Norway

Professional photographer from a small Norwegian town
Rykkinna, which is located in the south-east of the country, recently carried out
night shooting of the sky, because he enjoys astronomy. To his
to the surprise on the eight photographs taken that night
imprinted strange glowing objects cigar-shaped.

The man immediately realized that these were some objects of aliens, and
because sent materials to the famous ufological organization
Mutual Ufo Network (MUFON), accompanied by the following small

All photos were taken professionally by hand using a camera.
�”Sony 6000″, so no defects when shooting could
arise, these are real objects accidentally caught in the lens
my camera. Moreover, note that all these UFOs
are located almost parallel to each other, which is very
strange. It seems that alien ships are leaving
our earth. I simply cannot find another explanation.

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