Dagestan hunter ran into a monster innight forest

In the Russian segment of the World Wide Web is gaining popularity
mysterious and very frightening video, received a month ago in
Republic of Dagestan.

It is alleged that a local resident went to the forest to hunt
boar and lingered there until dark. Man probably still
regrets that he did not leave nature, while it was still a clear day.

Forests in the Khiva district of Dagestan, where the incident occurred,
considered to be little studied and for the most part untouched by man.
Many Russian folklorists, ufologists and researchers
supernatural phenomena are sure that the most
unusual creatures that people have long been scared away, let’s say in
Central Russia. With one of them, perhaps, had to
face recently our hero.

The following video was filmed by the hunter himself.
Turning it on, you can see how a man stumbles in the dark on
a huge monster with a truly disgusting appearance.

The creature was sitting in the bushes, and when the Dagestani lit it with a flash
camcorder turned its eerie face to a man flashing
scary white eyes. As you might guess, an eyewitness
lightning rushed off at full speed. It remains to hope that
our compatriot left the forest unharmed.

Can such a nightmarish monster be found in these parts? If a
yes, where did it come from, and is this creature dangerous for
man? You can make all sorts of assumptions, but any theory
in this case it seems either fantastic, or even fabulous.

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