Dancing ghost captured nearmexican hospital

One of the users of “Reddit” published in the section of the site,
dedicated to ghosts and other anomalous phenomena, mysterious
videotape. According to the man, he works night guards in
one of the Mexican hospitals. Watching recently for monitors
security, he suddenly saw something strange. Outside
the hospital for a few seconds seemed prospective came from
of the other world, committing a very unusual for a ghost

Turning on the video shown below, you can see the courtyard.
behind the medical facility. At some point in the middle
the frame flies in an incomprehensible white object that looks like a legless
man with two long arms. Possible phantom waving
with its “upper limbs”, as if dancing, then flies away
back, disappearing from view of the camera. The guard who
I was lucky to notice this anomaly, called it “dancing
a ghost. “

Our hero reports that this happened on Friday, March 30th.
The man was on the next duty and habitually sipped in
midnight strong tea to invigorate at such a late hour when
His eyes appeared so mysterious picture with a ghost.

Many commentators, from among “Thomas the unbeliever,” considered that
it’s about a speck of dust or an insect caught in the lens
recording device (the most battered theory of the materialists, still
never confirmed scientifically). Other skeptics decided that
what is in front of us montage.

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