David Mead: Biblical may begin on April 23end of the world

Famous American Bible interpreter, conspirologist,
David Mead, a numerologist and forecaster of the Apocalypse, made another
disappointing forecast for mankind. Specialist and his
like-minded people have determined that within a week and a half, 23
апреля, грядет end of the world, о котором говорится в Священном
writing. Mead’s words have caused an incredible commotion among many
World Wide Web users.

The anecdote about the Muslim Khoje Nasreddin, who
for an impressive fee, he promised to teach an ass for 20 years in 20 years. AT
Otherwise, the emir threatened to cut off Khoje’s head. When
Nasreddin was asked why he took such a risk, a man with
he said with a smile that in 20 years he would die, either a donkey or an emir.
In other words, any predictor who firmly believes that
telling lies, making predictions for the distant future, when his
probably will not be alive. However, David assures that
The apocalypse will happen in a matter of days, and it scares people
most of all because David Mead, in their opinion, is not one of those
throws words to the wind, risking staining his reputation.

An alternative researcher says that in the indicated
the day Jupiter, the Moon, the Sun and the constellation of Virgo should line up in
one straight line. Mead quotes from the Bible in which
it is said about a certain woman dressed in the sun and having the moon under
with your feet. On the head of this woman, according to the Book of Books,
there is a crown of 12 stars, and in its womb is a new life.
A conspiracy theorist and his supporters are convinced that under the mysterious woman
the Bible actually means the constellation Virgo, and 12
звездами являются 9 звезд созвездия Льва плюс Марс, ATенера и

This unique astronomical combination will lead, say, to
miserable events on Earth. American believes that humanity
we should expect the birth of the Antichrist, the beginning of the Third World War, and
also approaching the deadly planet Nibiru to Earth, whose
gravity will cause catastrophic earthquakes, eruptions
volcanoes and other natural disasters. Critics Mead in response
ironically, that he should choose one scenario, for example, the end
light for the United States, due to the awakened volcano Yellowstone, and not
all hypothetical ends of the world combined. Otherwise they supposedly
will begin to interfere with each other, because of what not a single
the promised apocalypse. Well, as always…

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