Dead geese suddenly began to fall from the sky inIdaho

В американском штате Idaho несколько дней назад прошел крупный
град, а сразу после него в городе Idaho-Фолс с неба упали десятки
dead geese. Specialists who arrived at the scene,
counted over 50 lifeless birds and took them in a pickup.

Eyewitnesses say that at about seven in the evening, when
hail has already passed, on Lincoln Street and Yellowstone Highway suddenly
the geese began to fall. Experts believe that hail could hardly be
cause of death of feathered. A flock, apparently, flew on
spring migration to Canada and something high in the sky happened
killed those birds. Perhaps the blame was a lightning strike, however
the cause of the incident could be something else.

Supporters of supernatural theories believe that there may
to be implicated aliens. There are many cases when
the appearance of somewhere “flying saucers” nearby flocks of birds died,
facing some kind of energy barrier surrounding a UFO.
Pundits have not yet reached their final verdict, so
жители Idaho-Фолс строят свои «бытовые» версии, от ложно-научных
to mystical …

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