�Dead Sea Scrolls or Qumran Manuscriptsturned out to be fake

Washington Museum of the Bible recently removed from its collection
five previously very valuable exhibits, since they were
supposedly ancient artifacts – “Qumran manuscripts.” German however
researchers of antiquity have recognized them as fakes.

The scandal occurred just before the opening of the museum, which
financed by a billionaire evangelist. Note that the museum is stored
significantly more fragments of “Qumran Manuscripts” – sixteen,
five are recognized as counterfeit
artifacts from German scientists also have doubts.

Recall that the “Qumran Manuscripts” or, as they are also called,
�”Scrolls of the Dead Sea”, began to be found in 1947 in caves
Judean Desert. They contain various ancient apocrypha,
for example, Torah texts from the so-called epoch
The second temple. All these artifacts are written on parchment, antiquity
which is easily determined using radiocarbon analysis.

However, given that such manuscripts are estimated today at
millions of dollars and wanting to buy them a lot not only among
national museums, but also private collections of multimillionaires,
scammers began to use pieces of skin just that far
period, putting on them fresh inscriptions in ancient Hebrew or
Aramaic language.

There are many experts in the world who are familiar with these languages, therefore
scientists believe that many private collections are now
fakes, because in this case a thorough analysis and verification
artifacts from the best experts most often do not
are held.

Currently, German experts have begun
a thorough study of the remaining fragments of the “Qumran
manuscripts “, which, it is possible, can also be fakes,
only more skilled …

In the pictures: fragments of the “Dead Sea Scrolls” from the museum
the capital of Jordan Amman.

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