Deadly Treasure of Naughty Millionaire

In 2010 millionaire from usa forrest fenn hid in the rocky mountains
treasure worth $ 3 million. Since that time thousands
people seek the treasures of Fenn. Four treasure hunters have already died,
the last one is in the summer of 2017.

Former Vietnam veteran, art dealer and collector made this
strange thing when doctors diagnosed him with cancer.
Since heirs to whom a millionaire could leave his
state, he did not have, then Forrest Fenn decided on such
fantastic act. However, the cause is most likely
served as the naughty character of this person, which was confirmed

The disease, which seemed incurable to all, turned into reality
premature fright because some time later the disease
retreated. Upon learning that he is healthy, an American, however, does not
rushed to dig up his treasures.

Millionaire decided to play a dangerous game

Instead, he published an autobiography entitled “Passion
chase “, which contains tips to help everyone
find the treasure of fenn. The millionaire wrote in particular that
twenty kilogram chest with items
art, antiques and other valuables buried in the Rockies
the mountains north of the city of Santa Fe. By the way, this ridge has
length of 4830 kilometers and a width of 700 kilometers.

The whole book contains nine tips. They are engaged in solving
today there are thousands of people; set dedicated to this topic
online communities. As stated in 2017. four key reporters
of nine already found.

Today it is known that the treasures are at a height more than
2000 meters above sea level, that they are not hidden in the destroyed
building and not in the cemetery, and that it is useless to look for them in the territory
Idaho and Utah. According to Fenn himself, stumble upon a treasure by chance
is impossible. Although he is in a safe place,
millionaire advises treasure hunters to stock up on food and
GPS navigators. Unfortunately, these tips did not save from death
four people.

Relatives of the victims demanded that Fenn close his
deadly project, to which he did not agree. According to him,
people who are afraid to drown, you need to learn to swim, but do not require
closing pools and beaches. And yet, if the treasure is not found at
Fenn’s life, the millionaire will carry his secret to his grave

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