Decrypted letter possessed by the Devilnuns

The so-called “Devil’s Letter”, which was received in the 17th
century a Sicilian nun allegedly possessed by evil
forces, finally, deciphered. In this, the experts unexpectedly
helped the hidden areas of the Internet, about which ordinary users
Networks may not even guess. 341 year no one could determine
what was written in this manuscript, but now its secret

Amazing letter

According to the legend, the recluse Maria Crocifisa della Concezione
from the Benedictine convent once woke up and saw
that her hands were smeared with ink, the word she had been all night long
wrote. On her desk a woman found a long manuscript
который был написан явно ею, однако содержимое его для nuns
turned out to be an absolute mystery. Italian woman concluded that
on the eve of it the Devil moved in, who wrote all this with her hand.
Later, a novice suffered a seizure near the altar in the temple.
Palma di Montekyaro – a woman screamed that Lucifer forced her
serve the dark forces.

Scientists from Catania say that quite by accident
stumbled into the secret sections of the world wide web on the decrypting
algorithm created by an unknown individual. Intrigued
experts applied the program to some ancient manuscripts,
the contents of which is still a mystery to science, and were
amazed when they realized that this cryptoalgorithm was like
specially designed for decoding the famous letter.

The main theme of this manuscript is the relationship between
Satan, God and people. In the text there are words that God
came up artificially, but the Devil is the real entity
which made a man believe in imaginary higher good forces.
The experts had the opinion that the “Devil’s Letter” was not written
Mary Krocifissa, which even wanted to build in the face of the saints, and
some Satanist, deeply denying the existence of God and
convinced that our world lives according to the laws of Satan.

Madness or real obsession?

People of science, however, are not in a hurry to put forward any
mystical theories. According to researchers, the nun suffered from
bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, which is why she believed
she is possessed by evil forces. In addition, scientists believe that Maria
Crozifisza was a talented specialist in the field of linguistics, and she
managed to create your own unique cipher using
characters from Latin, ancient Greek, Arabic, runic and
many other alphabets. Because the “Devil’s Letter”, located
today in the cathedral of agrigento, is a valuable
linguistic document.

However, even if there is nothing supernatural in this story,
There are several unresolved issues. Who and how created
a decryption program that made it possible to read the manuscript? Why
did this person not use his own algorithm to become famous?
And finally, for what purpose did he load it into dark corners
Internet, which is not available to ordinary users? ..

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