Demonic face noticed over the blazingHawaii

In Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano is now rampant, it was noticed
a strange phenomenon, presumably of a supernatural nature.
The following video was taken a couple of nights ago.
a local lifeguard who happened to be near a crack in the ground, from
which flowed lava. American captured what he saw on camera
smartphone, however, did not notice at that moment personally

However, later, after serving at home, our
the hero watched the resulting movie and came to the present bewilderment.
In the clubs of volcanic smoke, illuminated by the glow of hot lava,
seemed like a face.

When a man posted mysterious footage on the World Wide Web,
many netizens thought that it was a mystical
demonic face foreshadowing even more tragedy for
state or even all of america.

The sinister image in the dark sky really resembles an eerie
distorted face like a bare skull with a wicked grin.
Skeptics, of course, speak of a paradyolic illusion: they say, with
we just play the imagination, casting gloomy pictures. but
many viewers cannot shake the feeling that this is unkind
paranormal sign, and Hawaii is expecting new misfortunes.

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