Designed an unusual font that allows bettermemorize read information

You can’t remember the complex text you need to work.
or study? Specialists from the University of Melbourne have developed
special font Sans Forgetica (from the English “to forget” –
�”forget”). Contrary to the name, it does not force a person to
forget, but on the contrary, allows you to better memorize and assimilate
information. Australian typography experts and
behavioral science worked on such an unusual project more
three years old.

How is Sans Forgetica different from other fonts? All the cunning
lies in the fact that his letters are deprived of some elements that
It forces the brain to read the text more attentively and, as a result,
memorize it with much higher efficiency. For achievement
a similar effect, you can open a book, take a ruler and block
her top or bottom of each line. Working in this case in
усиленном режиме, ваш мозг будет лучше обрабатывать information.

Professor Joe Periman, one of the authors of this
project, explains that when the letters look too familiar,
a person tends to run through the text with his eyes, poorly reading
written by Surely many of us at least once read something
realizing later that they didn’t remember anything. If a
if you start using the Sans Forgetica font, then from now on
will have to seriously get a grasp of any test, and your brain –
digest well enough.

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