Desperate and forever hungry wolverine: they are afraid of hereven wolves and bears

The name of this amazing, almost fantastic, by its
nature of a predator from the family Kunih is translated from the Latin language
as a “glutton”, and not without reason: sometimes its extraction is several times
exceeds the size of the wolverine itself.

This animal does not know the feeling of fear, it drowns out
constant hunger. Wolverine is omnivorous: most often it eats leftovers
wolf and bear meal, catches black grouse and hazel grouse, white hare and
rodents, but can also attack elk, deer, mountain
sheep, roe deer, musk deer. Its victims are, as
usually calves, weak, sick or injured animals. Their
the hardy wolverine chases after a run and takes what is called
because it’s not fast, but almost never gets tired when
this (sometimes chasing his victim for hours). Maybe with
need to discourage prey from lynx and wolves.

By the way, there are cases when large wolverines attacked and
lone wolves themselves. Often they ruin hunting huts and
snatch loot from traps. True, a person can only attack
in the event that they are cornered. In general, wolverines eschew
people (apparently, possessing a considerable bang, and not only courage and
bloodthirstiness), therefore meeting with this animal is rare
chance for man.

In the summer of tireless gluttons eat bird eggs and larvae of wasps, honey and
berries They hunt birds nesting on the ground, catch spawning
fish or snnuyu pick up (in the winter – they trade at the polynya).

Wolverine lives in the dense taiga forests of Russia. Thick skin and
never sticky thick fur protects it from severe frosts,
wide legs allow you not to fall deep into the snow.

Wolverines spend most of their lives alone and with
this actively protect the boundaries of their own area from the individuals of their
same sex. Lair they arrange in rocky crevices, under the roots
crooked trees and in other secluded places; go out to feed
at twilight.

In search of food, wolverine constantly roams its hunting ground.
territory, the total area of ​​which can reach one and a half, or even
two thousand square kilometers. On trees these animals climb
no worse than moving on the ground. They have sharp eyesight and
hearing, superior instinct. Wolverine’s voice is like a fox

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