Detained a man preparing to fight withreptiloid

In the city of Eatonville, Washington, the other day was arrested
55-year-old man armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a pistol.
При аресте американец заявил, что ехал воевать с reptiloid,
who are taking over the United States right now. About it
Our hero was allegedly warned by the head of state Donald Trump.
Currently the individual is in a psychiatric
a hospital where doctors check his mental health.

It was evening, and the local police received a call that
one of the streets of Eatonville stopped a white jeep, out of which
man with a gun in his hands. When law enforcement has surrounded
troublemaker, he reluctantly agreed to remove the weapon in
car, however, began to shout that the public should be
notified of the intrusion of intelligent alien reptiles to America.
The man demanded to be reported on national news.
Когда блюстители закона заковывали «борца с reptiloid» в
handcuffs, he resisted strenuously, therefore against potentially
the criminal had to use a stun gun.

During interrogation, the detainee passionately assured the officers that
lizard people are absolutely real, but only the tip knows about it
of the world. One such initiate, they say, is the president
Donald Trump, who persuaded our hero to go to war
with alien invaders. The American also acknowledges that,
among other things, I wanted to attract the attention of the press in order to
the general public learned about what is happening in the country on

Кто или что нас зовет воевать с reptiloid?

Doctors believe that a man is either crazy or is under
exposure to narcotic substances. It is also not excluded that he
just achieves this behavior gerostratum glory.

Conspiracy therapists immediately put forward their theory that America
gradually preparing to think about the reality of the alien invasion.
Too much lately in the press and the Internet has become similar
statements. For example, a couple of months ago on the CNN channel in the social network
Facebook “live” was shown the time of the invasion of aliens
on our planet (even fake, but quite planned stuffing).
A little later, the media started talking about entering the Solar System as a whole.
Armadas of mysterious ships, the other day about the entry of a huge
alien ship in Earth’s atmosphere agency reported
BPEarthWatch. And there are hundreds of such examples. Is it really
the world government is actually preparing to launch its
monstrous project “Blue Ray”? ..

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