Devil’s English pub hit the lensCCTV Cameras

In one of the pubs in the English city of Canterbury
uncanny power supernatural. At least so
claims pub owner Allister Collins. His words confirm
security camera that recently recorded something

Pub staff also say that the building takes place
completely inexplicable things: shadow doors appear in the doorways
figures, glasses often fly off the shelves and break,
the furniture spontaneously moves, the light turns on and off itself
by oneself.

The video below shows a few things.
similar paranormal. It is clearly visible, as in the dark
the time of day in the bar mysteriously move across the floor
chairs, doors slamming, an umbrella opens, glide over the tables
items and stuff like that. In short, someone’s invisible hand
Obviously, it is ugly in the absence of people.

Allister Collins says:

I constantly hear stories about our pub
evil spirits. Employees whisper among themselves that they hear footsteps from empty
premises. Near the bar there is a mysterious cold zone,
which remains icy even when we have all the power
heating is on. Visitors try not to sit there in winter, but
fighting for this place in the summer. I was just amazed when our cameras
recorded this inexplicable activity of the mysterious invisible. Concepts
I do not have what it can be.

This video has spread across UK sites.
interested local ghost hunters who wished
explore the pub. They have already managed to find out that it may be
the spirit of a mechanic named Gilbert who died here in the sixties
years of the last century with a glass of ale in hand. There is even an assumption
that the cold zone near the bar is just the place where
Gilbert passed away …

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